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Instrument stands

"... I have been looking for some time for a guitar stand that is both attractive and functional and now my search is over." (Paul)

Three styles of instrument stand are available 


Acoustic guitar stand

This stand is well suited to all types of acoustic guitar and it easily holds both the smaller classical styles and the larger folk guitars.  The standard model has the neck support 75cm (30") above the body supports.  This dimension can be changed to suit specific sizes of guitar.  It is currently in use for 12 string, Dreadnought, Parlour and Classical guitar styles. The stand has been tested to support a load of over 6kg (14lb).

Electric guitar stand

Similar in design to the acoustic guitar stand but with strengthened supports to accommodate the greater weight of electric guitars. This design also works with the the notoriously awkward Gibson Flying V. These stands are more robust and have been tested to support a load of 13kg (28lb).

Mandolin/Violin stand

A scaled down version of the tripod design which can be used either floor standing or as a table top stand.  Given the wide variety of size and shape of these smaller instruments each stand is made specifically for one instrument

Instrument stands are now available from stock or to order in a variety of timbers hand finished with Danish Oil.   Alternatively the stand can be stained to an amazing range of colours which I finish with an acrylic lacquer.

If you would like a stand for your guitar do get in touch via the Contact page


Please bear in mind that despite my best efforts the colours in photos never accurately reproduce the colour of the real item

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