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Can I get a design made bigger or smaller than shown?

Most items can be made in a wide variety of sizes.  This means that you can choose what suits you best and adjust dimensions to suit your other needs.  Note however that increasing dimensions usually means increasing cost, partly based on cost of material and partly based on labour.


There are some items that cannot be made bigger (or smaller!) than a certain size because of restrictions in the size of available timber, or the capacity of my tools and machinery.  Similarly there are limits due to the nature of wood as a natural product.

Can I get an item made in a different timber or colour?

Yes!  But of course there are limits.  I prefer to work with native British timbers (e.g. Oak, Ash, Cherry, Holly, Elm and so on) which have a limited range of natural colours. Most native timbers will darken down to quite similar "brown" shades over time.  Exceptions are Holly (very pale creamy to grey), Laburnum (green and cream which darkens to chocolate brown).  Several native timbers are suitable for staining which adds a huge range of colour options.


The addition of exotic species greatly increases the range of natural colours.  Ebony is mainly jet black, and Zebrano is stripey! If you would like to see the range of timbers, please click here.

How long will I have to wait for an item to be ready?

I will agree a delivery timescale with you when we agree the details of what you want.  Think in terms of weeks rather than days, but there may be a few things that will be "in stock".  I do keep in touch with customers during the production process and send updates with photos so that you can see what is happening and how things are coming together.  

Can I come and see what you are doing?

I will try to accommodate visits but it would have to be by special arrangement.


You should also bear in mind that I live and work in north Northumberland, so may not be just around the corner from where you are!

In order to save time and help you to decide on which of my products may be right for you, here are some of the questions that customers frequently ask about.  Do not be put off from asking your own questions though!  See my Contact page for details on the ways to get in touch with me.

Common questions

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