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Dave Foote 

Maker & Designer

I have been fascinated by the possibilities of wood for as long as I can remember.  At the same time I have always enjoyed the challenge of making things that I can conceive, design and fabricate.  This process from conception to creation gives me immense satisfaction and I hope that you will enjoy the results.

Designing and making for U Wood is now the focus of my energies, the corporate world seems very far behind me! Developing my own designs is important to me, but I also take on customer commissions which allow me to produce interesting pieces for their homes.

Other than the pleasure of designing and making, I am intrigued by asymmetry.  I am always drawn to the atypical combinations and the items which are "complementary pairs" rather than "matched pairs".  I like the way that asymmetry heightens perception and encourages a closer look.  In furniture and functional items I tend to stick to traditional styles and aim to produce items with clean, pleasing lines.  I find inspiration in the classic Shaker designs and also in the styles of traditional English country furniture.  These sources of inspiration have found their way into my unique range of musical instrument stands and music stands.   Along with many others who live on the coast I also look to the sea and the shore line for inspiration especially for shapes and textures.  I look to combine all these influences into items that are "Simple, Stylish and Unique"

Most of my pieces are finished with durable everyday finishes such as varnish or Danish Oil because these give good protection from the rough and tumble of everyday use.

I am currently lucky enough to be living and working in the wonderful county of Northumberland, on the North East coast of England

Please take a look at my work in the Gallery, click here

I do also take on commissions for items of furniture.  If you are interested, then please click here for more information and examples of my work.

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