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Violins and Violas

Violin stand

This stand has been designed to provide players with an attractive stand that accommodates both their instrument and their bow.  The design has been developed from the successful and popular U Wood guitar stand and uses several of the same techniques.  Each stand is constructed from strong laminated wooden components with the exceptional stability provided by hidden counter weights. 

The neck support has been very carefully arranged such that the pegs do not touch the stand and hence there is no risk of tuning being affected.  Most other "hook" type stands do not have this important feature because they support in the instrument on its tuning pegs.  The lower part of the stand allows for the instrument to be held with its shoulder rest in place if desired.

Instrument stands are now available from stock or to order in a variety of timbers hand finished with Danish Oil.   Alternatively the stand can be stained to an amazing range of colours which I finish with an acrylic lacquer.

If you would like a stand for your violin or viola do get in touch via the Contact page


Please bear in mind that despite my best efforts the colours in photos never accurately reproduce the colour of the real item

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