Musical Accessories

Prices for all U Wood products reflect both the work involved in making them and the cost of timber used.  It might help customers to know that some timbers can be three or four times the cost of others, the impact on price is pretty obvious.  None of the prices include delivery and U Wood is not registered for VAT.  There may be discounts available for multiple purchases, but don't get too excited!  I keep all prices as low as I can anyway.

Current stocked items are guided as follows

Guitar stands

Guitar hooks

Violin stands

Mandolin stands

Ukelele stands

Music stands (seated players)

Music stands (standing players)

Music stands (tabletop)

From £195 to £220


From £165 to £185

From £85, limited stock held, special order items may be more


From £210 to £230

From £240 to £265

From £80 to £90

Some items in the range of stands are available in a "mobile" version.  There is an additional cost to this so please ask what might be possible for any stand that you are interested in.


If you have a question or would like to order an item please do get in touch via the Contact page

Custom made Musical Accessories

I am always interested to explore the needs of musicians and work with them to make new instrument stands.  In general if you are interested to have an item made for you I will offer a price as soon as possible after the design has been agreed.

Decorative Items

All decorative items are priced individually, please ask.


Many of the U Wood products are in attractive (but potentially awkward) shapes.  This means that they can be challenging to transport.  If significant packing is needed for any item there will be additional charges to cover the time and materials involved.  Typical cost for a guitar stand would be £25.  I strongly suggest that customers do not use the national carrier companies that will ship items through warehouses and distribution centres.  Whatever transport method is chosen is entirely at the customer's risk.