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Acoustic guitar stand

My guitar stands have been developed in collaboration with professional and amateur guitarists.  They are all based on a very stable tripod which is counter weighted for stability.  This is particularly important when placing or retrieving the instrument from the stand.

The stand is well suited to all types of acoustic guitar and it easily holds both the smaller classical styles and the larger folk guitars.  The standard model has the neck support 75cm (30") above the body supports.    It is currently in use for 12 string, Dreadnought, Parlour and Classical guitar styles. The stand has been tested to support a load of over 6kg (14lb).

Dimensions can be changed to suit specific sizes of guitar, or personal preference.  The stand could be used for a Banjo but as yet I have not supplied one for that purpose.

A version suitable for electric guitars is available to order, it has slightly modified body supports

Mobile Guitar stand


Based on customer demand I have developed a mobile stand which allows for easy transport.  When assembled it is as rigid as the standard version and it shares the same elegance of design.  All components of the new design have been tested to the same performance as the original.  Likewise, the mobile stand has the same counterweight arrangement and cork buffers for all contact points.

Illustrated below are the main components of the mobile stand.  The clamping collar, leg locating pegs and folding supports.  The final shot shows the stand packed down for transport - it lies almost completely flat.

Mobile stand
Guitar wall.png

Guitar stands and hooks are generally available from stock or to order in a variety of timbers hand finished with Danish Oil. Alternatively they can be stained to an amazing range of colours which I finish with an acrylic lacquer.

If you would like a stand or hook for your guitar do get in touch via the Contact page


Please bear in mind that despite my best efforts the colours in photos never accurately reproduce the colour of the real item

For information on pricing please click here

Guitar hook

I was asked by a customer to design a guitar hook to enable him to hang his collection of guitars in a purpose built music room.  The hook has been designed to embody the U Wood philosophy of making items "simple, stylish and unique".  In use the hook is remarkable unobtrusive.  The combination of a slim design with good wall clearance means that the instrument appears to "float" off the wall whilst being firmly held. 


The hook jaws are mounted on stainless steel pivot bolt to allow the instrument to hang on its natural centre of gravity.  This pivot can be clamped up rigid if preferred.  The Gretsch and Rickenbacker guitars illustrated demonstrate the hook's strength as well as its style.  

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