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Salt and Pepper Cruet


I was inspired by a ceramic example and the image of pebbles on the beach to start making this line of cruets.  The concept is very simple, the small form has the single hole of a salt dispenser and the larger one has the multiple holes normally found in pepper pots.  They sit together on the table.


Each form has a turned and threaded refill plug made of Olivewood or Ebony underneath.  This plug can be threaded directly into the body of the cruet, but threads do not cut cleanly into many timbers so instead I fitted a small threaded insert.











Two different styles are illustrated here, to the left both cruets are made from Oak; shown below is another set made from Yew (the darker wood) and Hornbeam (the paler colour).  The examples shown here demonstrate the impact of using the same timber or contrasting timbers.  The idea of the contrast is to make the salt cruet deliberately "paler" than the pepper one.


I would be happy to make you a cruet set to enhance your dining table, just use my Contact page

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